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Shared Office Space in Chennai - Cove Kotturpuram

If acquiring and maintaining an office stresses you out and leaves you with less time for your core business, our shared office spaces and coworking offices are exactly what you are looking for.

Why sink costs and time in a permanent or rented office when you can simply acquire and scale a shared office space at will? The convenience, privacy and 24x7 access combined with the ability to scale the office up or down at will makes us your best bet.

With its expertise in building and maintaining shared office workspaces, Cove Offices is the win-win solution you are seeking! Focus on your business and leave the nitty-gritties to us.

In the post-COVID world, Cove Offices comes equipped with all the necessary operating experience and guidelines to keep you safe while you work. At Cove, you get the peace of mind necessary to focus on and succeed in your business.
Contact us to know about our safety/operating guidelines, and more.


External View of Cove Kotturpuram - Shared Office Space in Chennai

Location matters!
Whether you are a digital nomad, a startup or an SME using a shared office, your productivity and impression on your clients depends on the office you work from.

Cove Offices, Kotturpuram is a unique blend of the charm of vintage spaces and unmatched green spaces so you don't just work, you're inspired.Come to Cove Offices and discover the perfect place to work from.

Cove Offices manages everything that is non-core to your work while you simply walk in, plug in your equipment and get started with your business. Focus on your work and leave everything else to us.

No matter what your team size is, or the amenities that your work needs, we have just the right set of offerings for you. Explore our various offers and facilities to find the best fit for your business needs.


Shared Workspaces in Chennai - Cove Kotturpuram

Following on the success of its Kotturpuram property and recent grand opening of its Bangalore space, Cove Offices is soon creating one more smart and unique workspace in Hyderabad that will be open for clients in 2022. These spaces are an optimal combination of small offices and managed offices in the heart of the cities that will accommodate 800 to 1200 members.

The best part is that membership in any Cove property automatically entitles you to access to all its other properties as well.

Transparency in pricing and facilities, heart-of-the-city locations and complete flexibility and customisable spaces remain common to all of our shared office spaces.