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About Cove Offices

Your Flexible Workspace Partner

Cove’s coworking products are designed for flexibility and with our “skin in the game” outlook, we offer only the best in service and product features at a price that is unmatched!

At Cove, we believe in long-term partnerships – in terms of both assets and human relationships and having “skin in the game”. Hence, we develop, lease out and maintain all our real estate projects. This ensures long-term assurance and peace of mind for our clients who occupy these spaces for their business.

The “Cove” name also reflects the “assurance for peace of mind” philosophy. A cove is a sheltered place which simultaneously provides access to and protects its inhabitants from the outside world. We strive to provide safe, yet connected shared workspaces for our customers.

Cove’s office space solutions cater to the specific demands of the micro-markets where they are located. We design, build and own and operate commercial spaces ranging from shared coworking spaces to managed offices to small private offices.

We also offer small managed offices in central locations, best suited for those who want Grade A facilities at a smaller scale. We offer flexible-term, full-service workspaces without the hassles of signing a long-term commercial lease. We take care of everything, so you can focus on what’s most important – your people, culture, and business.