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different membership plans at Cove’s  coworking office space in Chennai

Membership plans - All options at Cove Offices

    When you start coworking, there are two things which are vital to having [...]

Internal view of Cove Offices, coworking space in Chennai

Coworking - All your questions answered!

    Coworking is one of the latest buzzwords that one comes [...]

Essential Requirements for a Coworking Space in Chennai

What makes a good coworking space?

    “What am I looking for in a coworking office?” [...]

Cove's coworking way

Improving work-life balance - The coworking way

    One of the constant complaints that we have heard from our [...]

Carbon Footprint

Going green with coworking

    The financial bottom line is something that makes or breaks your [...]

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring, for everyone!

    "Sharing is caring" - you must have heard this often in the context of doing good [...]

Second anniversary of Cove’s coworking space in Chennai

The importance of being earnest - Interesting times and 2020

    Oscar Wilde’s play “The Importance of Being Earnest” [...]

Coworking for digital nomads

A welcoming Cove for digital nomads

    Growing up, most of us have known about nomads - people who don’t have [...]

Coworking for homepreneurs

Coworking - Ideal solution for homepreneurs

    As an entrepreneur who works from their home, your home serves as your [...]

Cove’s coworking space - The way ahead

Coworking Space - The way ahead for your business in the post-COVID times

    Right now, we are in the middle of one of the biggest pandemics of our [...]

Work in nature's lap at Cove Coworking in Chennai

Bringing nature to work - Why does it matter?

    Ever wondered why you feel so peaceful while walking through a park or [...]

Professional networking opportunities at Cove Coworking in Chennai

Leverage coworking for professional networking

    Generally, entrepreneurs look at coworking spaces as a substitute [...]

VO working membership of Cove coworking office in Chennai

Virtual Office in Chennai For Company Registration | Cove Offices Kotturpuram

    Wondering what Virtual Office (VO) Working is? Think of a scenario [...]

Sanitised coworking office of Cove in Chennai

Staying safe at a coworking office in the post-COVID world

    While the world is struggling to come to terms with the impact of COVID-19 [...]

Our coworking space in Chennai

One year of our rental-only platform – Cove

    While the idea of a rental based real-estate venture has been in my mind since early [...]