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Carbon Footprint

The financial bottom line is something that makes or breaks your business. This is where coworking spaces help by delivering the same business value at a lesser cost. However, climate change and its related harmful effects are looming large on the horizon, with some being seen right now in the form of cyclones, unseasonal rains etc. In such a scenario, “Going Green” is a trend that’s gaining momentum. Going green showcases that a business is socially responsible and attracts customers and employees for whom sustainability is a key consideration.

Coworking spaces help businesses achieve this objective by enabling them to share infrastructure and eliminating the need for every business to have its own office setup. This reduces the overall resource consumption of a business, reduces its carbon footprint and makes it healthy for the environment. At Cove, we go a step ahead and concentrate on everything we can do to ensure that our facilities are not only top-notch, but also have a minimal or positive impact on the environment.

Some of the measures we have adopted to ensure a “green” experience for our customers are:

Electrical systems – The premises are fitted with LED lamps which provide higher light levels with consumption of lesser electricity. The HVAC system is energy-efficient and allows for control of individual locations, which means that there is no excess power being spent on unnecessary cooling.

Equipment sharing – Sharing equipment like printers, scanners, coffee machines ensure that plastic and electricity usage is reduced.

Landscaping – There are abundant trees, plants and foliage in the Cove campus. This serves as a natural carbon dioxide sink and ensures better air quality. This is especially invaluable in a metro city with its high vehicular population (and hence, pollution). As an added benefit, a walk around the campus rejuvenates you when work tires you out.

Last but definitely not the least, the Cove campus has been created by repurposing an existing vintage building to a modern space. By eliminating use of carbon-intensive raw materials like steel and cement required for any new construction, our carbon footprint remains extremely small.

Going green and being sustainable matters to all companies. We welcome you to visit Cove Kotturpuram, the greenest coworking space in Chennai, and discover how we are making the world greener for us all.