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Coworking for homepreneurs

As an entrepreneur who works from their home, your home serves as your office and your relaxation space. Managing boundaries and expectations in addition to finding meaningful work networks can be tough for you as a homepreneur. From our experience in working with and providing workspace solutions to people like you, this is what we see are your challenges and how we can address them at Cove.

Distractions and boundaries

The first and biggest challenge is to handle the distractions that you encounter when working from home. “You’re working from home, right? So, you are always available” is what most people, including friends and family, will think about you. Setting and following boundaries of space and time becomes a difficult task. Add to this, common distractions like noises from neighbouring homes, and your home soon becomes a less than ideal place to work from.

Isolation and lack of “work” companionship

No matter how fast your internet connection, and how connected you are through chat-rooms and voice/video calls, the fact remains that they cannot replace the presence of real human beings. This leads to a sense of isolation for many homepreneurs. This causes a serious lack of productivity for many. Working from home also means that you don’t have an environment where you can get formally introduced to new people and can network professionally or have real-time face-to-face interactions.

Homes are not customised for work

Most homes in India are not customised for work. Costs of homes in most metros mean that space is at a premium and we can bet that as a homepreneur, you are likely “making do” in a space that is not ideal for work. With kids studying at home and both partners working at home, space fatigue can quickly set in.

How do coworking spaces help?

Cove’s coworking and workspace solutions are centred around flexibility. This means that options like working from our centre for a part of the week or on an “as needed” basis can help. Think of the times when you need to focus on dedicated tasks for a few hours or a day and must have the space to do so. Cove can help!

Setting boundaries – Since you are working from an office-like setup, it becomes easier to set time and space boundaries and make sure that they are respected.

Reducing loneliness – Having people working around you, and yet not disturbing you gives you the best of both worlds – freedom from distractions and a buzz of activity to put your mind into a more productive mood. According to a recent study conducted by GCUC, more than 80% of respondents said that coworking spaces make them feel happier and less lonely while working.

Easier professional networking – Professional networking happens more “naturally” in a coworking space. This gives you an opportunity to expand your professional network and succeed in your business. More than 80% of respondents in a recent survey by Small Business Labs say so.

Cove has worked with many homepreneurs to address their workspace needs and has seen mutual success. You don’t have to just take our word for this, though. Come and experience it at Cove with a free one-day pass by clicking on the link below.