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Essential Requirements for a Coworking Space in Chennai

“What am I looking for in a coworking office?” or “How do I decide which coworking space in Chennai to go for?” are some of the first questions that typically face a professional/business when they think of opting for a coworking office in Chennai. Since this can be a make-or-break factor in your coworking experience, we list out a few things which you should look out for when selecting a coworking space in Chennai. Before that, we need to understand what a coworking space is and how it benefits you.

Office Equipment and Amenities

These are the facilities that you will be using the most. Hence, it is vital that they are comfortable and pleasant to use. Some of the top things to ensure are:

1. Chairs and tables should be ergonomic and comfortable to use.

2. There should be enough light (preferably natural light) available.

3. Since you will usually be having a lot of gadgets like laptops, phones etc. there should be a large number of power points.

4. Quiet, private working space to help you focus.

5. A fast and stable WiFi internet connection is a must.

6. An ample amount of parking space ensures you don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting towed away.

This is an area where Cove Offices in Kotturpuram scores handsomely. Our vibrant premises spread over a huge area have large windows to let in tons of natural light, vibrant open spaces and a fast internet connection. Private offices ensure the confidentiality of the information and focus on work. Our flexible subscription plans let you scale your team up/down as you need. We also offer individually adjustable air-conditioning, thus ensuring an optimum working experience. Last but definitely not the least, we offer free printing services to our patrons.

Collaboration and Cooperation

One of the key advantages of coworking is the opportunity to interact with professionals from other fields and to benefit from their experiences. This also opens up the possibilities of professional networking, thus expanding your circle and helping your business. With this in mind, you should check the typical user profile of the patrons of the coworking space. If it is used by professionals/companies from various domains, it is definitely an advantage for your business.

Events and Activities

Taking the above point a bit further – If the coworking space regularly organises activities like conferences and workshops, it is a value addition to your coworking experience. These activities can not only expose you to different areas of knowledge, they can also make you aware of potential opportunities/customers for your business, which you might not have come across otherwise. It also indicates that the space organisers are actively involved with and invested in the coworking culture, which is always a good thing

Flexible Plans

As your business conditions change, so shall your needs. A coworking space that allows you the flexibility to easily upscale or downscale your subscriptions or facilities availed of is a great asset in these times. Not being stuck in a fixed plan for a long period of time will let you plan your finances smartly and invest them as you wish.


Every professional or business will have its own set of “must-haves” and “good-to-haves” when deciding which coworking space to go for? However, we believe that the factors listed above are a great starting point and a minimum set which you should look out for. We would love for you to try out our free 1-day trial offer and check out all that Cove Offices has to offer. All the best for your coworking experience!