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Sanitised coworking office of Cove in Chennai

While the world is struggling to come to terms with the impact of COVID-19 on various sectors of the economy, it is very clear that we cannot stay holed up indoors forever. At some point, we need to get out there and start working, while continuing to take precautions. For many of us, this means resuming the use of coworking spaces, the way we did before. While we do this, the biggest question on our minds is of our safety.

At Cove, we understand your concern for your safety and assign top priority to keeping you safe while you get back to work and workspaces. Cove was among the first spaces to take precautionary measures well before the first case was reported in Chennai.

While this is a new situation for all of us, we at Cove have got off to a solid start by implementing a set of “best practices” spread across various aspects of our operations.

Some of these include:

Regular sanitation

Common areas are sanitised every 3-6 hours. For example, doors to various areas are sanitised every 3 hours while conference rooms and pantries are disinfected every 6 hours. Areas where food is consumed are sanitised after every usage.

Hygiene guidelines for clients and staff

Anyone entering the premises (whether clients or staff) is required to wear masks. Additionally, those using facilities in common areas need to sanitise their hands before doing so. The core and housekeeping staff at Cove are required to wear masks and gloves for the entire time while they are on the premises. Delivery agents from couriers, e-commerce sites etc. are not allowed inside the premises.

Health information tracking

The body temperature of the core staff, housekeeping staff, clients and visitors is recorded daily. Anyone whose body temperature is outside the acceptable range is requested to work from home (clients/visitors) or leave the premises (staff).

In addition to these, the large open spaces and fresh air help you maintain social distancing and stay healthy.

Adhering to these measures consistently over the times to come is going to be key to allowing yourself the peace of mind required to navigate the new business realities and make the best of the future. After all, just like charity, safety begins at home too. We believe that Cove is your safe home, as you get back to coworking in the “new normal”.